Special occasions

From our childhood we have seen some memorable times which we cherish for the rest of our lives. There are sometimes which we don’t remember anything because we are too little to remember anything such as our first birthday. There are number of special occasions in our life, which start right from our birth.

There comes a special occasion in our life whenever we go to school for the very first time. We get excited at first but once it becomes a routine we kind of are mixed emotions. Some kids feel bored without routine and some just feel bored with the routine. In all, the first day is a very special occasion for every kid when he enters a school life.

The school life ends with a memory but after that our college life brings some very new memories. We search for different colleges and universities once we clear school. That is another special occasion in our life whenever we receive a confirmation from our desired university. The feeling of entering into a completely new educational world feels almost the same when we go to the school for the very first time. The only difference this time makes is that we remember everything.

Educational career has several special occasions attached to it and it all ends on graduation and at that moment you feel that this moment is never coming back. After that, we enter into corporate world and it becomes a completely new experience for us. We do not know where we will go and we try our best for the best. It could even be Canada, where we can ride on Toronto Corporate Limo, which makes us feel that we have reached on a very high level. This all depends on our expectations that where we want to see our self.

One of the most special occasions, which we always wait for our whole life, is our wedding. This starts a new life for us when we have completely new level of responsibilities. The life may become tough with the responsibility of wife and children, but there are some things in life, which become more important than challenges. Our life starts with something special and it ends with some memories. All these special occasions create a memory, which is known as life. Every moment should be cherished because none of that occasion is ever coming back.